Lake Matheson

Lake Matheson is 5 km from Fox Glacier Weheka township.  There are many farms along the road to the lake.  Took about 1 hour to walk there….. but there were lots of cows to keep me company.

The lake is located at the heart of the Glacier Country and is part of the Westland National Park.

The walk around the lake took about 1 and a half hour with fantastic views and birds.

It was a pretty gentle walk around the lake.  The area is well marked and maintained by Te Papa Atawhai (New Zealand’s Department of Conservation).

Although I did not manage to capture the picture perfect reflection of Mt. Cook and Mt. Tasman, still think it’s an awesome place. 

The clouds decided to lift a bit to show Mt. Cook.

Went there in the afternoon, probably less clouds in the early mornings.  Before I left, finally got a glimpce both summits. 

Decided to hitch-hiked back to the township, first-time experience.  

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